About us

The company "AEGIS" always provides the widest range of industrial products and services, including metal-cutting and auxiliary tools (including non-standard), machine tooling, cutting fluids (coolant), as well as comprehensive technical support measures for the entire range of products.

Another area of our activity is complex metalworking. We unite five industrial enterprises in the Republic of Belarus. The list of our services includes: CNC milling, CNC turning, automatic turning, thread rolling and heat treatment of products.

Reliability in quality is one of the top priorities for us in working with you! By this motto, we mean: high-quality and stable products, timely services and competent technical support, thus: reliability in quality - reliability in everything!

Our company is young and actively growing, therefore we use all the advanced technologies both in the field of selection of the most suitable and high-quality products for you, and in the field of communications, logistics and technical support. We always find a common language with our partners and are ready to make compromises.

  • build selection of tools and technological equipment for specific processing conditions
  • psychology technical advice on the use of the tool
  • engineering selection of equipment and equipping it with tools for a specific technological process, from the project to the release of the control part
  • business determination of tool life parameters by conducting joint tests at the customer`s production facilities
  • perm_data_setting CNC milling
  • miscellaneous_services CNC turning
  • local_fire_department heat treatment of products

Business to Business (B2B) - this condition imposes a special responsibility on us, because the success of our partners directly depends on us. Our specialists are constantly improving their knowledge and skills by participating in trainings, seminars and specialized exhibitions. We value long-term cooperation and are ready to provide our regular customers with professional advice, quality service and the most convenient prices.

At your request, we will promptly inform you of any additional information and send a commercial offer for the product positions you are interested in.